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18 April 1983
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I am a normal guy from the midwest. If you read my journal you will probably be able to tell where in the midwest. I am a college graduate and have a job, but I am young and the process of dealing with the change from a college bum to a memeber of the working class is at times a frustrating but more often a hilarious part of my life. I guess that is what my journal is about... or any other random thoughts that i might want to make public even though most people will never see it. Oh yeah one last thing - I got a journalism degree and a graphic design degree at school and my graphic design degree has an emphasis on web design. The journalist in me is often hard to see becasue even though i am a good writer i hate to check grammer, spelling, punctuation, etc. My graphics / web background have taught me that everythiung is spell checked now days and that grammer and punctuation is a thing of the past becasue people are so lazy in their habits. That is why i might say lol online becasue it would take to long spell out laugh out loud... Yup, we are a lazy bunch. Well i am rambling here and i will shut up as the chances of anyone reading this is slim anyway.